Mission to Seafarers UAE

Mission to Seafarers UAE

In 2015 we assisted 728 seafarers who were without pay for a combined total of 2,912 months, or 243 years. 

In 2016 we assisted 1589 seafarers who were without pay for a combined total of 6,356 months, or 529 years.

Mission to Seafarers has operated in the UAE since 1962. The UAE is unique in the diversity of its seafarers. Ranging from commercial dhows, to cruise ships, fishermen, to tankers, a main function of Mission to Seafarers is to address welfare issues offering support and assistance where possible. On any given day, an average of 2-4 calls are received from seafarers who have not been paid for months, a situation with potentially serious consequences for both them and their dependents. We work with agents and owners to find resolutions in an often complicated arena affected by global markets and maritime law. Unfortunately, there are numerous severe cases where the ship and seafarers have been abandoned and left not only with no pay but with no supplies. In such cases, Mission to Seafarers' welfare officers deliver food, water, phone cards and advice. For many seafarers it is a desperate time.  

The Angel Appeal is a project by The Mission to Seafarers that funds the MV Flying Angel and support for Seafarers in the UAE. The MV Flying Angel is the only floating seafarers' centre in the world and is based in the Fujairah anchorage. It visits ships at anchor daily and brings the thousands of seafarers, an invisible labour force who crew these ships, support ranging from counseling and facilitating communication with loved ones at home to assistance and humanitarian aid in times of emergency such as being stranded without pay, injured, denied shore leave, shipwrecked, and victims of piracy. The Angel Appeal develops support for Mission to Seafarers and the MV Flying Angel through partnerships in the form of cash donations, goods and/or services in kind, volunteer programmes, and community engagement projects, and may come from various sectors ranging from corporations to individuals and societies. 


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