Diamond Way - 2012

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Diamond Way - 2012

The Diamond Way has been stranded in Jebel Ali since August of 2012.  The owners of the company went bankrupt and left a crew of 21 Vietnamese seafarersstranded with no food, water or fuel.  The Mission to Seafarers became aware of their situation last October and started providing supplies and weekly visits.  Unfortunately, the crew had not been paid for over a year when they became stranded.  Imagine, no money to send home to theirfamilies and now stranded thousands of miles from home!  Several people from the Vietnamese community collected Vietnamese food, books and DVDs to share with the seafarers.  A couple of them also visited and gave their mobile number so that the seafarers had a friendly face from their country to call when they wanted to speak with someone outside of their ship in their native language.  Finally, the owners of the ship agreed to allow the ship to be sold for scrap so that their debts could be paid along with the seafarers. Good news is that the ship has been sold and the seafarers are on their way home this week.  Hopefully, with back pay!


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