WISTA spends a day on the Flying Angel and in the Port of Fujairah

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WISTA spends a day on the Flying Angel and in the  Port of Fujairah

What a fantastic event  WISTA had recently with the Angel Appeal.  It was actually not just one event, it was a four in one! It started off with a trip to Fujairah  where we were welcomed by representatives of the Port who provided us with VIP access to the Port. The Angel Appeal took us on board the Flying Angel.  Then their work began... they wrapped  presents for the seafarers and had great fun in distributing them later to the different crews. During the day they went alongside a few vessels and got an idea of the area and the work the Angel Appeal Crew does seven days a week!

They also heard of the needs of Seafarers and had the chance to have a personal chat with a few of them. In between,  they managed to sit together and  have an ad hoc WISTA meeting, discussing different issues which concern all of their members. 

In the afternoon, they went back onshore to be welcomed by the Fujairah Port Authority who kindly invited us to join their National Day Celebration. Captain Moussa used the opportunity to introduce WISTA UAE to his staff. And finally after great food we had the chance to visit the new Control Tower and no other than Capt. Tamer himself showed us around and explained everything in detail. I think I can say that he was very happy with the knowledge the members demonstrated and he showed us the latest in technology at the Port of Fujairah's anchorage.  Thanks to WISTA UAE for visiting the Flying Angel.  We hope to see them again. 


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