Iron Monger 3 in Khorfakkan

The Ironmonger 3 is a crude oil tanker managed by NOS Ship Management of Singapore. The
ship itself is a limited company but it is part of the fleet of tankers owned by Great Elephant Corporation of Taipei. 
Great Elephant Corpn has recently filed for bankruptcy in the United States. The vessel has been stationary
either in or just outside the Khorfakkan anchorage off the east coast of the UAE for more than two years. Recently
the vessel has come to the attention of both the local and the international media (AP, Bloomberg, 7 Days, Express, etc). 

Around the beginning of July the UAE officeof Mission to Seafarers became involved in trying to meet the immediate needs of the crew who had effectively been abandoned by the owners and managers of
the vessel (GEC and NOS). Seamaster Maritime (of UAE) helped MtS get out to the vessel with emergency supplies
(food, water etc). The crew explained that most of them had finished their contracts and wanted to sign off (go
home). The two main impediments to this were the fact that the company had not paid them for several months, and a relief crew needed to be found to take their places on board. Somewhat against the odds, a relief crew has
been found and all those crew who wanted to sign off have now done so as of 18.8.13. It is not known whether they received the stated ‘bonus’. A charterer has been found. The intention, apparently, is that the new charterer will take the vessel into Dubai Dry Dock where necessary works will be carried out prior to re-registration and an
eventual return to trading.

In the meantime the new crew members (10 in number) have joined those who remained on board (4 in number). They have been provided with a good supply of food, water and diesel for the generator.  The vessel has been bunkered (fuelled up) and it looks as if its future is now more hopeful. The humanitarian crisis in which the crew found themselves and which caught the attention of the media has, for the time being, passed.

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As with all good stories, this one begins with my boss calling me at about 11am on a Monday morning in March with the classic opening line,

"How would you like to do something for charity?"

Abu Dhabi World Features Mission to Seafarers UAE

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Abu Dhabi World Features Mission to Seafarers UAE




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