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Al Maktoum Foundation

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In 2006, the Al Maktoum Foundation began supporting The Angel Appeal by generously sponsoring the construction of the boat and  the upkeep of the boat's library.  The support of the Al Maktoum Foundation since then has been invaluable in many areas of our day to day operations for both our office and for the boat. Mirza Al Sayegh, Director, Office of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum explains, "This is a noble cause and one we wanted to support.  Seafarers are human beings and regardless of what job or profession they have they have certain needs and requirements.  They have to be in touch with their families abroad.  The 'Flying Angel' makes this possible."

National Bank of Fujairah

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National Bank of Fujairah has been a partner of The Angel Appeal since 2012.  We are delighted to be working with NBF and hope that as both the Emirate and Port of Fujairah grow from strength to strength, so will our relationship. The story goes back to the the 10th birthday of the CEO's son, Sam.  "My name is Sam and on my 10th birthday I asked my friends to give me money instead of birthday presents so that I could give the money to a charity.  I picked The Angel Appeal.  I chose this charity as I wanted to be involved in something locally and they aim to help people in need. I was very excited when I was able to visit the Flying Angel to make my donation.  On the way out of the port I saw quite a few tankers.  I talked with a few of the seafarers that came on board - they were all happy to be on the Flying Angel. "  Karl Ho, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, explains their continued support,   "National Bank of Fujairah is proud of its longstanding partnership with The Angel Appeal.  Over the years, we have been committed to improving the wellbeing of seafarers as they contribute to Fujairah's aspirations toward becoming a global oil bunkering anchorage and seaport."

Dubai Duty Free Foundation

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Dubai Duty Free has been a partner since 2011 of the Angel Appeal.  They understand and appreciate how tough the lives of seafarers can be and know that the MV Flying Angel  can bring relief to those seafarers in the Fujairah anchorage.  The 34 local and 51 overseas charities that the Dubai Duty Free Foundation has supported since 2004, when it began, are a clear manifestation of its ongoing commitment to the community.  The Angel Appeal is delighted that we are one of the local NGO's that they continue to support in many ways.  From volunteering at our events  to donating products for our fundraising, their support is really appreciated. 

Aid to the Church in Need

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Aid to the Church in Need has been involved with The Angel Appeal since 2013.  Their organisation supports Christian projects throughout the world.  They understand the importance of the work that the MV Flying Angel does for seafarers in the Fujairah anchorage. 

Nautical Institute U.A.E. Branch

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The U.A.E. Branch of the Nautical Institute has been a supporter of The Angel Appeal since the idea was first discussed. As an international body of maritime professionals, their support has been vital in terms of knowledge and financial support.  UAE Branch Chairman Captain Adil D. Moos FNI said "The Nautical Institute is an international representative body for Maritime professionals involved in the control of sea-going ships and our members are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world.  The Flying Angel provides invaluable service to fellow seafarers while they are anchored in Fujairah.  The Nautical Institute UAE Branch and all its members have steadfastly supported this noble cause since its inception in 2006 under the leadership of Rev Stephen Miller.  We shall continue to support this noble cause which benefits our fellow brethren."

Apostleship of the Sea

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Apostleship of the Sea has partnered with The Mission to Seafarers in the U.A.E. for the welfare work we do in the UAE.  Fr. Olmes Milani is the Catholic priest on board.  The Apostleship of the Sea serves seafarers from across the world, regardless of belief, nationality or rank.  In the ports where they work, their team of chaplains and volunteers  visit thousands of seafarers each year, meeting their needs through the provision of help, support and advice. To find out where they work in the world,  click here.

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

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HSBC Bank Middle East Limited is a generous supporter of The Angel Appeal's care package programs for seafarers.  They sponsor our spring wrapping of 1,000 gifts and our UAE National Day wrapping of over 6,000 gifts.  Not only do their volunteers wrap all of these gifts, they then volunteer to distribute them to needy seafarers in the ports.  "Investing in the community is an important element of HSBC's sustainability strategy, and our collaboration with Angel Appeal is a strong example of two organisations joining forces to better serve the community.  Our staff are great supporters of the volunteering opportunities provided by the Bank, and we are proud that in 2012, our employees globally volunteered over 700,000 hours of their time.  We look forward to continuing to support our local communities and partners for many years to come."  - Regional Head of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. 

Topaz Energy and Marine

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Topaz Energy and Marine has been an incredible supporter of The Angel Appeal since 2009.  They are a "gem" of a sponsor since they completely managed and crewed the MV Flying Angel between 2009-2013, keeping it afloat during the economic turndown in the world.  In 2011, Topaz Energy and Marine was awarded the 'Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative in the Private Sector' at the 8th CSR Summit in Dubai for their support of The Angel Appeal.   To this day, Topaz Energy and Marine remain a major partner.

Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited

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Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited has been supporting The Angel Appeal since 2009.  Not only does the company support us but all of the employees get involved in supporting us also.   Vopak employees volunteer to run in the RAK Half Marathon.  Some are individual runners and some are part of relay teams.  They train for months before the race and then get up bright and early on a Friday morning to participate in this marathon.  So many employees volunteer for this marathon that they now do a drawing for new participants, then the runners get sponsorship for the marathon.  They normally raise between AED 80,000 - AED 100,000 each year.  It is an amazing day in Ras Al Khaimah watching the sun rise behind the mountains as the runners start off!  "As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited intends to support social investments in the Fujairah region.  The efforts of The Angel Appeal are closely related to the business in which operate.  This makes our cooperation with The Angel Appeal a perfect match."  - Cees de Greve, General Manager Vopak


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LukOil has always supported The Angel Appeal.    Cash  donations are very important to The Angel Appeal to cover the expenses for the MV Flying Angel but donations of products and services are just as important because they reduce the outlay of cash.  LUKOIL does just that - they have donated the lube oil for the MV Flying Angel for many years.  Without that donation, we would have to raise money to buy the lube oil. June Manoharan, Regional Director, Middle East, Asia, Africa (and a supporter of The Angel Appeal from the beginning) said "LUKOIL Marine is a proud supporter of The Angel Appeal, we are fully committed to supporting seafarers around the world". 


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