National Bank of Fujairah

National Bank of Fujairah

National Bank of Fujairah has been a partner of The Angel Appeal since 2012.  We are delighted to be working with NBF and hope that as both the Emirate and Port of Fujairah grow from strength to strength, so will our relationship. The story goes back to the the 10th birthday of the CEO's son, Sam.  "My name is Sam and on my 10th birthday I asked my friends to give me money instead of birthday presents so that I could give the money to a charity.  I picked The Angel Appeal.  I chose this charity as I wanted to be involved in something locally and they aim to help people in need. I was very excited when I was able to visit the Flying Angel to make my donation.  On the way out of the port I saw quite a few tankers.  I talked with a few of the seafarers that came on board - they were all happy to be on the Flying Angel. "  Karl Ho, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, explains their continued support,   "National Bank of Fujairah is proud of its longstanding partnership with The Angel Appeal.  Over the years, we have been committed to improving the wellbeing of seafarers as they contribute to Fujairah's aspirations toward becoming a global oil bunkering anchorage and seaport."


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