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Stanford Marine Group

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Stanford Marine Group has been supporting The Angel Appeal since 2013.  When SMG was approached to be a partner, Darren Reeves, General Manager, said "Giving back to our society is embedded in how we do business.  Our passion for involvement in the local community drives us to constantly seek new avenues for generating CSR awareness and support.  We strive to operate our business in a more enlightened way, taking responsibility for our impact on society and the environment.  As part of the Marine Industry we are committed to the protection of marine life and habitat, however our aim is to also have an impact in our community through: education, health and wellness, economic development and environmental sustainability." They not only support the MV Flying Angel but they  also support the many welfare cases that we have in the UAE when seafarers are in trouble. In particular,  for over two years, two seafarers were stranded in Sharjah Hamriyah  - no salary and no money for supplies.  Because of the generosity of SMG, we were able to provide them supplies on a weekly basis as well as phone cards.  In addition, when the seafarers were finally able to leave, we were able to purchase their tickets home for them with this support.  

Crown Relocations

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Crown Relocations has been an important partner of The Angel Appeal since 2009.  Every time Crown relocates someone in the UAE, a portion of the move is donated to The Angel Appeal.  In 2010, Crown saw on our Facebook page the details of the crew of Azrak 7 who were abandoned by the ship owner in Fujairah anchorage and neither  paid nor had any food or water delivered for over a year.  Crown staff collected food, toiletries and other necessities and went out on the MV Flying Angel to deliver this aid.  This extra effort made all the difference to the crew, letting them know they were not forgotten but that people in Dubai do care for them. "This was a harrowing and humbling trip to make" said Andy Marshall, Regional Managing Director, "The Captain invited me aboard his ship to see the conditions that they have been left in.....I left the ship knowing that we had positively impacted five people's lives today."


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CRE8 has been a long time supporter of The Angel Appeal doing all of the design work for our printed materials.  From our invitations for the High Tea to our brochure and Angel Appeal business cards. They are a strategic creative solutions company who specialise in brand development, design, photography and event management. They have been very inspiring when designing our materials.  A BIG thanks to the entire team at CRE8!!


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